Tax Free

IVA Refund

Did you know that if you live outside the European Union, you are entitled to VAT refunds on your purchases? Simply request the tax free regime in our stores, presenting your Passport or other Valid Identification Document and, on the day of departure, arrange everything at the airport. So, do not waste time with bureaucracies and enjoy your stay better, as you just have to go a little earlier to the airport to get everything ready in time and time to board.

1. Am I entitled to VAT refund on any purchase?

No. Only purchases whose values, per invoice, are higher than € 50 (net of tax) and that are not of a commercial, resale nature are refundable. When you leave the European Union, you will have to show that you carry the goods in your personal luggage, so anything that is consumed here (restaurants, hotels, etc.) or is already in use is not refundable.

2. At the time of purchase do I have to fill out a document?

No. First of all, make sure that the shop is adherent to the tax refund scheme. The seller will ask you to passport or other document officially recognized as valid that you certify your residence outside the European Union and also some of your personal data. At the end of the transaction, the seller delivers the proof with the registration code. Here, the form of reimbursement will be defined, if a guarantee has been provided.

3. What do I need to do at the airport?

To expedite the verification process, if possible, we suggest that the goods be placed in a single suitcase (Hand Baggage or Baggage Allowance). If you have stored in the Baggage of Basement, you should go to your flight check-in counter and inform the employee who has products to declare. After passing the security check, go to an electronic terminal (quisoque), and you must have: Passport or other identification document; Boarding Pass; Proof of Registration Code, delivered to the store; Goods and Invoices. Follow the instructions on the kiosks that will display:
Green Code: you can go to the counter of the IVArefund operator to receive your refund or deposit your validated form on the tires indicated for that purpose.
Red Code: you should go to the customs desk.

4. How do I get the money back from IVA?

There are two ways to receive IVA refund money from your purchases:
Refund on time – Go to the TAX FREE Operator’s Desk indicated on the form. The operator confirms the validated form and reimburses it;
Post-clearance reimbursement– Deposit your validated form in the operator’s collection box indicated on the form. The operator will reimburse according to the chosen mode of reimbursement: credit card, check or bank transfer.