Samsung confirms official date for Galaxy Fold

Samsung will finally launch Galaxy Fold, its folding screen smartphone. After delays and improvements to the device, Samsung decided it was time to put it on the market. The company will start selling the folding smartphone in South Korea this week and then on September 18, it will reach France, Germany, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Along with the launch of the device, Samsung is also offering the Galaxy Fold Premier Service. According to the statement, this would be a kind of special support for the smartphone. It would also allow you to schedule personal meetings with experts who could explain how to use your smartphone and take care of your screen. The company has already confirmed that there is no additional charge for this service.

Galaxy Fold should have been released in April this year, but was postponed after screen problems.

Changes include blocking a hole in the crease that allowed dust to enter, and changing the protective film.

There is still no information on when Samsung intends to launch the Galaxy Fold in Portugal.