Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I go to one of your stores to do the repair right away?
Yes. Most of our repairs are done in 1 to 2 hours.
My equipment has security code or standard code. Is it necessary to provide the code when delivering the equipment for repair?
Yes. We always need your security code so we can test the equipment 100%.
I tried to repair my phone and now I have it unmounted. Can I ship it so they can finish the repair?
Yes. It is enough to describe the state in which it was and in what is currently the device, as well as the anomaly of it.
Does your service have any kind of guarantee?
Yes. We assign a 24-month warranty, in accordance with applicable law, on all new components used in the repair and 90 days for the repair service. No added cost and totally free.
Do you buy damaged or used equipment?
No. We only purchase equipment that is in good working order and is accompanied by the purchase invoice, box and accessories included.
What do I need to deliver along with my equipment when shipping for repair?
We just need the equipment and the battery of it. The box and accessories stay with you.
My phone does not turn on. I do not know what the fault is. What is the cost of repair?
Our diagnoses are free. All you need to do is fill in the description field with “No League” and, after analyzing and budgeting the equipment, we will contact you via email or telephone.If you do not accept the proposed budget, you will only pay the costs of collecting and returning the equipment. In total 12 €, including IVA.
We also offer a service of recycling of your equipment, if the value of the repair exceeds the commercial value of it!


What is the cost of this service?
The collection of equipment is only done in public spaces, such as cafes or shops, to ensure that someone is available at the time of collection of the equipment.
This service has a value of  6.5€ already with IVA, in mainland Portugal.
For repairs worth more than € 50, collection and shipping are free.
How long does it take to make a collection?
The collection can be done until 4 pm the same day.
After the collection, how long will it take to get the equipment back?
Upon receipt of the equipment, as a general rule, the product is repaired and shipped on the same day. So that we can offer you a fast and efficient service.

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