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Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Cecotec Conga Rockstar 300 X-Treme Grey

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About the Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Cecotec Conga Rockstar 300 X-Treme Grey

Broom vacuum cleaner with brushless motor 430W 


- Digital Brushless Motor: innovative digital motor that increases service life.
- Multiphasic System: greater efficiency and less consumption.
- Force Sonic 380 W: maximum power against any dirt.
- Great suction power of 20 kPa: surpasses any conventional vacuum cleaner.
- Typhoon system: maximizes the suction power.
- Immortal Battery 22.2 V: up to 40 minutes of autonomy and fast charge, only in 4 hours with lithium-ion battery.
- Cepillo Jalisco: motorized brush for hard surfaces that allows a deeper and more efficient cleaning.
- 2 programs: daily cleaning (maximum autonomy) or Turbo (high power).
- Optional Water Tank accessory for mopping the floor or mopping.


- 3-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner
- 2 in 1 wide accessory for corners and furniture
- 2 in 1 narrow accessory for corners and furniture
- Cepillo Jalisco Brush
- Multifunction brush (cedars and silicone)
- Wall support
- Instruction manual

Product Details



Specific features

Suction Power
20 KPa
Deposit Capacity
800 ml


Li-lon 2500 mAh
Up to 40 min.
Charge Time
3-4 Horas

Physical characteristics

2,4 kg

More information

Sound level
83 dB