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Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Robot Roborock E4 Black

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About Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Robot Roborock E4 Black

Perfection of methodical cleanliness

Clean the floor more effectively and efficiently with Roborock E4. Every movement you make is monitored accurately by a set of precision sensors. Combined with an internal map of walls and obstacles he finds, he knows where he has been and what remains to be cleaned. It moves up to 10% faster, while an 11% increase in suction and twice the battery power provide deeper and longer-lasting cleaning. Combine suction with a mop to remove fine dust that other vacuum cleaners may lose. Use the app to set detailed times for different days and even suction levels.

Fast and logical

Using gyroscopes, OpticEye motion tracking and a bumper, the E4 closely tracks movements, room edges and obstacles. The robot knows where it has been and can calculate where it needs to go. Because it moves up to 10% faster, the robot finishes cleaning faster.
The integrated gyroscopes monitor the minimum changes in the movement angle and recognize whether the robot has been turned.

Motion tracking system

An OpticEye motion tracking system based on laser and LED provides high frequency analysis of travel distance.
Internal route plan: Gyroscope and motion tracking data combine to create an internal map used to create logical cleaning paths.

Serious sucking

Strong suction is great for removing dust from the floor. That's why E4's suction is 11% stronger, peaking in 2000Pa. Specialized airflow engineering, aerodynamic ducts and a bell-shaped static high pressure zone keep suction consistently powerful throughout cleaning.

More than a vacuum

Make the floor shine and remove fine particles that other vacuum cleaners can leave behind with the easy-to-hold mop. Now 28% larger, the updated E4 mop system uses an innovative hydraulic system to allow you to adjust the water flow to suit different cleaning preferences.
Able to rise up to 2 cm (0.8 in.), The E4 walks smoothly through the house, passing thresholds and carpets. At the same time, a 100% larger battery of 3,5200mAh provides power to vacuum up to 200sqm (2152sqft) on a single charge.

Harsh on Hair

The main anti-interlacing brush, side brush and omnidirectional front wheel resist knots better, keeping the E4 clean without interruption.

Dealing with bigger houses

Extremely large houses can be cleaned effortlessly when using the Auto Top-Up feature. E4 knows if it hasn't finished a job, so if the battery gets low, it will return to the dock for a full charge and continue where it left off.

Everything in one app

The smartphone is everything you need to control. Start cleaning from anywhere, set dates, choose cleaning modes, check cleaning progress in real time, and more. After cleaning, review the complete map to make sure E4 covered the entire house.

A 640ml garbage storage, stores up to a week of dust and can be emptied in seconds.

The integrated E11 rating air filter is washable for longer life.

The E4 automatically slows down when detecting obstacles in its path.

When the E4 detects a carpet, the suction power automatically increases to the maximum.

E4 cleans the interior of a space first, then ends next to each wall. In doing so, the side brush accelerates for deeper cleaning.

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2000 pa
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640 ml
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5200 mAh

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