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Tempered glass film

Glass Film Samsung J730 (2017)

What are the advantages of tempered glass?

One of its main advantages is that the protection does not compromise the touchscreen, that is to say, when using the phone, the navigation happens normally, without the finger "grasping" in the phone and that can enjoy all the functionalities of your device.

Protects in case of fall?

Yes, protect it!

The main purpose of tempered glass protection is to prevent the touchscreen from splitting easily, and this includes small drops.

This does not mean, however, that the film will be effective in 100% of cases, but its use substantially increases the protection of your equipment!

Although some companies promise unbreakable screens, the material used remains glass, it's tough, but still, it's still glass.

The application of tempered glass film is undoubtedly an added value in protecting your phone.

Tempered glass, therefore, is another feature to protect your phone against scratches, scuff marks and possible soiling. For example, with a tempered glass film, the touchscreen of the device will be much safer against sharp objects and accidents, such as scratches, than if it were only protected by a simple traditional screen protector.

Tempered glass film is worth it!

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