Equipment in warranty:

Pursuant to Decree-Law no. 67/2003 of 8 April, as amended by Decree-Law no. 84/2008 of 21 May, all products sold as a 2-year compliance guarantee, ensured by their respective brands. In the case of a defective product, you must notify P-Telemóveis, who will be responsible for the management of this process.

If P-Telemóveis and the customer agree to all products sold in used condition, they are guaranteed for 12 months.

Consumable products whose regular use implies their destruction or disposal, due to their specific nature may, depending on the manufacturer, have a guaranteed warranty period of less than 2 years.

Even if your equipment is outside the warranty period, P-Telemóveis offers a repair service under conditions to be agreed, so you should go to one of our stores.

The warranty for the repair service of P-Telemóveis is 90 days, counting from the date of completion of the service provision. This limited warranty does not affect the statutory rights set forth in the national legislation on the new components used in the repair.

The guarantee of repairs does not include the following conditions:

1. Physical damage (broken / damaged / corroded / warped equipment, etc.);

2. Misuse, damage caused by falls, neglect, fire, water, electrical disturbances, atmospheric, etc .;

3. Damages caused by transportation carried out by the Client or third parties on his behalf;

4. Use of options or consumables not appropriate to the equipment in question;

5. During this period the equipment has undergone technical intervention, with workmanship and spare parts to the services of P-Telemóveis;

6. The previous repair has been carried out at the request and responsibility of the customer.

Should the product purchased prove to be defective or defective, the customer must inform P-Telemóveis Customer Service, stating the order number and the description of the malfunction.

Upon receipt of the article, at P-Telemóveis premises, it will be sent to the brand representative and, in case of absence of any nonconformity, the item will be replaced or repaired. In this case, P-Telemóveis will proceed to send the article to the customer's address.

If the technical check detects signs of misuse, and / or any problem that may have caused the malfunction of the item (eg, fall, humidity, etc.), the customer will be contacted to indicate if he or she intends to repair the equipment . In this case P-Telemóveis will provide you with a free quote.

Out of warranty equipment:

If the customer wishes the repair of equipment out of warranty, it must inform the Customer Service of P-TELEMÓVEIS the equipment in question and its malfunction.

The P-TELEMÓVEIS will inform the customer of the address to which must send the equipment.

When reception of the customer  equipment, the technicians of P-TELEMÓVEIS will review the equipment on the malfunction described by the customer. The customer will be contacted by the P-TELEMÓVEIS informing him of the budget for equipment.

The repair will only be initiated after express acceptance of the budget by the Customer.

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