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Ajax PIR Outdoor Motion Sensor Immune to Pets

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About the Ajax PIR Outdoor Motion Sensor Immune to Pets

Main features:

- Detects movement from 3 to 15 meters
- Ignores pets up to 80 cm high
- Operates for up to 5 years without battery replacement

Accurately detects people

LISA turns MotionProtect Outdoor into a formidable barrier for intruders. The digital algorithm accurately identifies a person's movement, ignoring animals, movement of trees and plants, as well as birds and insects that land on the detector.

Avoids intrusions invisible to the naked eye

MotionProtect Outdoor has the maximum possible protection for external detectors. The anti-masking function, which works 24 hours a day, detects the installation of barriers, bonding, application of paint or transparent coating on one or two lenses.

Ready to work right out of the box

MotionProtect Outdoor comes with a pre-installed battery, so you don't have to disassemble it. The detector can be connected to the hub with a click on the mobile application. It can be mounted at a height of 0.8 to 1.3 meters in the SmartBracket in just a few minutes.

Product Details


Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2, ReX

Specific features

Detector Type
Installation Method
Interior | Exterior
Detection distance
Up to 15 meters
Detection Angle
H - 90°


CR123A (x2)

Physical characteristics

183 x 70 x 65 mm
322 g

More information

Power supply
Voltage: 3 V